Selected investments

Presently, G. K. Goh Holdings’ operating businesses are focused on Aged Care. This includes Opal Aged Care, a leading Australian provider of residential aged care services; Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd, which is a provider of private nursing home and daycare services in Singapore; and Habitat Assets Pte Ltd, a fund that owns, develops and operates retirement villages in Australia.

GK Goh also invests in public markets, private equity and venture capital, both directly and through funds.

Key Group assets include

Opal HealthCare Group(48%)

A specialist aged care provider with 91 residential care homes and capacity of over 9,000 bed-spaces across four states in Australia.

Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd(100%)

A company that invests and operates in aged care related businesses in Singapore and Australia.

Habitat Assets Pte Ltd(29%)

A closed-end fund that invests in retirement living assets primarily in Australia.

euNetworks Group(<1%)

A bandwidth infrastructure company, owning and operating 17 fibre based metropolitan networks connected with a high capacity intercity backbone covering 53 cities in 17 countries.

G. K. Goh Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd(100%)

A company that invests mainly in the public markets.

Corporate Group Structure


Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare Services Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare (Singapore) Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Investments Pte Ltd (100%)Cacona Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Nominees Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Ventures Pte Ltd (formerly known asSaliendra Pte Ltd) (100%)Habitat Assets Pte Ltd (29%)Perilla Pte Ltd (100%)Salacca Pte Ltd (100%)Solanum Investment Pte Ltd (100%)


Allium Holdings Pty Ltd (100%)ACIT Finance Pty Ltd (50%)DAC Finance Pty Ltd (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Trust (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd (50%)

British Virgin Islands

Ardisia Limited (100%)Value Monetization III Limited (29%)

Cayman Islands

Bromius Capital Limited (20%)


G. K. Goh Holdings (Philippines), Inc. (100%)