Selected investments

Presently, G. K. Goh Holdings Limited has operating businesses in Aged Care and Corporate Services. Among its Aged Care companies are Opal Aged Care Group, a leading Australian provider of residential aged care services; Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd, which is a provider of private nursing home and daycare services in Singapore; and Habitat Assets Pte Ltd, a fund that invest in a portfolio of operating retirement villages in Australia.

The Corporate Services business is housed under Boardroom Limited, a Singapore listed corporate services provider in Asia and Australia.

Its other long term investments include Eastern & Oriental Berhad, a Malaysian property development and hospitality group and euNetworks Group, which owns extensive assets in optic fibre networks in Europe.

Key Group assets include

Opal Aged Care Group(48%)

A specialist aged care provider with 80 residential aged care homes and capacity of over 7,800 bed-spaces across four states in Australia.

Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd(100%)

A company that invests and operates in aged care related businesses in Singapore and Australia.

Habitat Assets Pte Ltd(36%)

A closed-end fund that invests in retirement living assets primarily in Australia.

Boardroom Limited(92%)

A SGX-listed company, one of Asia’s leading providers of corporate and advisory services, providing clients with an integrated suite of services including Accounting & Tax, Corporate Secretarial, HR & Payroll, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Share Registry Services in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

euNetworks Group(<1%)

A bandwidth infrastructure company, owning and operating 14 fibre based metropolitan networks connected with a high capacity intercity backbone covering 49 cities in 15 countries.

G. K. Goh Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd(100%)

A company that invests mainly in the public markets.

Corporate Group Structure


Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare Services Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare (Singapore) Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Investments Pte Ltd (100%)Boardroom Limited (92%)Cacona Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Nominees Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)Habitat Assets Pte Ltd (36%)Perilla Pte Ltd (100%)Salacca Pte Ltd (100%)Saliendra Pte Ltd (100%)Solanum Investment Pte Ltd (100%)


Allium Holdings Pty Ltd (100%)ACIT Finance Pty Ltd (50%)DAC Finance Pty Ltd (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Trust (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd (50%)

British Virgin Islands

Ardisia Limited (100%)Value Monetization III Limited (29%)

Cayman Islands

Bromius Capital Limited (20%)


G. K. Goh Holdings (Philippines), Inc. (100%)